Think Fancy Pop-up Shop of 2016, 2015 and 2014


Think Adoption: Think Fancy Pop-up Shop


Echo Cao and Think Adoption (a non-profit animal welfare organization based in Shanghai) have organized the first Think Fancy Pop-up Shop in April 2014 then the second and third pop-up shop in 2015 and 2016. These pop-up shops aim to promote adoption other that buying pets. Part of the profits from this pop-up shops has been donated to Think Adoption to help rescuing stray animals living in Shanghai.


Choose adoption; Choose love that you cannot buy!



Echo Cao hasve invited the following other independent Chinese fashion designers have joined these pop-up shops:

Echo Cao by Echo Cao

Boundless by 张达

Fakenatoo by 张娜

Kun Man Ma by Fiona Ma

He Yan by 何艳

Miss Mean by 倪华

Rachelle Jim by 詹文舒

The above pictures are of Think Adoption souvenirs for charity sales, pop-up corner of Funny Furry(汪汪喜喜喵喵), Echo with Chirs and Philippe (founders of Thank Adoption).


Think Adoption was foundered by Christopher Lau and Philippe Jeangeorges in Shanghai as a non-profit organization for rescuing stray animals. Think Adoption aims to promote the concept of pet adoption other than buying in order to help more stray animals find permanent homes. 


You can follow “ThinkAdoption” by WeiBo or WeChat to get more information about Think Adoption. 

Report of the first Think Fancy Pop-up Shop by TimeOut Shanghai.