Taiping Lake Park TNR Project @Xintiandi, 2013 (ongoing)

Process of this TNR project (updated to 23 December 2013)
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Echo Cao has initiated a TNR project (trap-neuter-return) to help stray cats habiting within Taiping Lake Park. Taiping Lake Park is a public park located in the heart of Xintiandi and the venue of the Shanghai Fashion Week every year. There are approximately 20-25 stray cats living there.


TNR stands for "trap-neuter-return", also known as "trap-test-vaccinate-alter-release (TTVAR)", which is a method of humanely trapping stray cats, spaying or neutering them and then returning them to the location where they were collected. The property management of Taiping Lake Park has shown great understanding and support for this project. They have also committed to have zero dealings with cat trappers who sell onto local restaurants or other cat meat and fur traders. The property management has also pledged to forbid them entering the premises. Echo Cao has found a private vet who can provide reliable and safe spaying and neutering services at a preferential price - CNY 200 for each male cat, CNY 350 for each female cat.


To fundraise this Taiping Lake project, Echo has designed 30 Shanghai TNR gym bags as gifts for your donation. The manufacturing cost of each bag is CNY 60 and the donation price will be CNY 400, thus by having each bag you will be able to help one cat to be spayed or neutered. Echo Cao will keep the buyers of each bag informed about the usage of the fund and the TNR process. The funds will be mainly used for trapping cages, operation fees, food, cat litter, litter trays and any necessary medical care.


Volunteers Wanted!

The process of the TNR is as below:

Using a professional trapping cage, one cat at a time will trapped and transferred to a private home. Once in a safe environment the cat will need to have no food or water for at least a 6 hours period before it is safe for surgery. Our vet will make a home visit to perform the neutering (30 minutes) or spaying (10 minutes).Post-operation, the cat will stay at the private home for a period up to 7 days to ensure that it will make a healthy recovery before being returned. So we need volunteers for the flowing three tasks:



Home Stay (up to 7 days)


Volunteers will be properly trained for their tasking.