Echo Cao was born in the classical city of Yangzhou, China and used to work and live in Shanghai for more than 15 years and is now living in Brighton UK.


Echo obtained Juris Master degree from the law school of Tsinghua University and worked as a certified lawyer in a leading European firm in Shanghai and Hong Kong for seven years. To counter her professional office life Echo has always looked for further creativity in her life, fashion and design was a main source of this.


In 2011, she took one year off from her legal career to formally study fashion design. After course completion, Echo returned to her law firm and simultaneously established her own fashion studio. In 2014, Echo decided to leave the law firm and started to run her fashion studio full time.

Echo Cao specializes in women’s clothes and accessories. By using fabric and materials produced and available in local UK and Chinese markets and cooperating with experienced family-owned craftsmen’s studios in Brighton and Shanghai areas, Echo Cao aims to provide suitable and environmental friendly pieces. The style is simple but playful, elegant and chic. Echo Cao is now selling her designs in five different boutique shops in China.

Email: | Cellphone: (44) 07851 889747